How To Make Pet Clothes With a Santa Beard

Small dog clothing nowadays are very popular to make a fashion statement with your pets. And since Holiday season is getting nearer, then dog coats and dog sweaters are used not just for fashion but also to provide protection from the cold weather.

These items are importantly used by pets to avoid a rapid heat loss which may result to sudden death. To create pet clothes for your lovely pets like the smallest ones that are called Chihuahua, there is no need for you to buy the expensive Chihuahua clothing from branded pet stores or even spend a fortune because all you just need to do is to be creative!

Babies small clothes, sweaters and coats that are no longer of use at home can be easily converted to dog sweaters or dog coats. You can start with measuring your pet’s legs and neck circumference with the use of a tape measure and base on the data you have collected. You may then cut the coat sleeves or the neck area to make your pet feel the comfort and warmth of the cloth. Just simply sew the cut out portions to make your handmade pet clothes look incredibly fashionable.

To make a Santa beard appropriate for the Christmas occasion, recycle an old party hat or twist any card paper into a cone as a pattern for the hat. Once done easily, you may then pick a fake beard in any party stores online or nearby and you may also creatively use white ribbons and synthetic items to add some decorations. A glue gun is definitely a great tool to use in attaching the fake beard together with your other designs.

If you have a Chihuahua pet, he will surely love this entire Chihuahua clothing outfit style in preparation for the Christmas season. Hurry, grab the materials needed, because now is the time to create a small dog clothing with a Santa beard in preparation for the Holiday season.

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