Grow Tents and Mold

Grow tents are becoming more and more popular as more people decide to grow plants indoors. These grow tents are used for a number of different reasons including keeping the light secluded to the room, keeping light out during dark phases, keeping everything organized, and keeping pests and mold out of your grow space and away from your plants. Pests and mold can completely destroy a healthy crop if let to grow out of control.

Utilizing a grow tent can help prevent a pest or mold problem from the beginning which can save the grower a huge amount of time and energy trying to solve the problem. Grow tents work pretty simply to keep your plants safe. They simply act as a barrier to the pests and to the mold to keep them away from the plant leaves they so desire.

Mold spores can many times be too small to see and are present in our air at all times, especially the more humid climates. By using a tent you can help keep this itmold from infesting your plants. The most common type of mold that growers deal with is bud mold. This type of itmold, also called gray mold, becomes much more devastating at humidity levels above 50%, so the first step is to maintain your humidity at or around 50%. You also want to maintain ample air flow and enough fresh air circulation to keep the plants healthy and to keep the itmold from enjoying stagnant, humid air. A tent allows you, the grower, to control these environmental characteristics much easier than just growing out in open space. By using an exhaust fan, circulation fan, possibly a dehumidifier if needed, and by keeping the plants secluded in the tent, your chances of having problems with bud mold will be much much lower.

If you are really paranoid about mold, you can even install a hepa-filter at your air intake point to completely filter out the incoming air of any type of unwanted spores. It is really up to you to decide how cautious you want to be, but at the bare minimum, a grow tent will help you maintain the climate best suited to grow healthy plants.

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